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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Our company has specialized in providing people with excellent services for garage doors and everything related to them.

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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

Our garage door maintenance includes the full inspection of the system

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are essential parts of garage systems and our repair services are fast and excellent

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We have always encouraged garage door owners to ask questions so that they can understand their systems better and make the right decisions regarding purchase, maintenance, repair and replacement. That is why we created this page which provides answers to the questions which we are most often asked. Make full use of it.

No query is left unanswered

The unique garage door FAQs that you can easily access.

Why do wooden doors need more maintenance?

Natural wood reacts to the weather and especially to humidity. If wood warps, the specialists of our company in Norwalk say that the door won't close properly and might cause problems. So, wood garage door maintenance is necessary and make sure to apply protective coats.

Are remotes safe for kids?

Parents are instructed to keep remote controls away from kids' hands to protect them from accidents. Children like to play with the garage door clicker and the moving door but what happens if the opener sensors don't work properly? In this case, they won't be safe.

How reliable are the garage door extension springs?

These springs are made from hard steel with high gauge so that they are protected from breaking. They are typically rust-resistant according to our company's professionals. They have safety cables which run through them. That way, if a spring brakes, the door will stay in place.

When should I decide if the garage door needs replacement or repair?

Consider replacing your existing garage door if it does not work the way it had worked before. This is a better option than repainting and buffing the dents out of an old and outdated door. Putting up a new garage door with the assistance of our experts in Norwalk will give your home an increased curbside appeal.

Can insulation be installed on an existing garage door?

Most modern steel garage doors can get insulated after they have been installed. This will depend on the style, design and structure of the unit, however. In many cases, the door manufacturers offer insulating materials which are especially designed for their models. Usually, the material is in the form of solid panels.

Is an opener with backup battery worth getting?

The battery ensures that the garage door opener will operate even when the power is out. It eliminates the need for opening and closing the unit manually. Given this, it can be of great use in emergency situations. It is also extremely helpful for people who cannot use physical power to open and close the unit.

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